“Why do you like working at Cynosure?”

ebrown131Eric Brown
EVP of Engineering

“Cynosure fosters a culture of getting things done.  We don’t let obstacles or uncertainty get in our way.  Hard problems motivate us.  We take “it can’t be done” and find a way to do it.  We make decisions based on a balance of data and hard earned experience.  Executive management supports our development teams and gives them autonomy and flexibility.  We’d rather make a mistake (and recover quickly) then fall into analysis paralysis.  This allows us to effectively drive product and process innovation as a team.  The result…Cynosure leads our industry in the introduction of breakthrough technology to address unmet clinical needs.    If you like to get things done, you can make a difference every day at Cynosure. “


brandonromano131Brandon Romano
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

“Working at Cynosure over the past five years has proved to be a very rewarding experience. Working for an industry leader has enabled me to grow professionally while consistently being tasked with new and exciting challenges. We have a tremendous finance team that believes in meeting our strict guidelines with cooperation and a strong work ethic. If you are looking to develop professionally and are looking to be challenged then Cynosure is the perfect fit for you.”


ecollins131Erica Collins
Associate Customer Support Program Manager

“I like working at Cynosure for a variety of intangible reasons.  I enjoy that each day is unique.  The company operates at a very fast tempo and so do its employees.  At Cynosure each day brings new challenges and opportunities to deliver world-class marketing that moves our business forward.  I believe it is pretty amazing to be part of a corporation where your ideas are respected by all levels of management.  Over the past four and half years I have been supported by great managers and mentors who have helped develop my skills as a marketer.  In my personal experience this support fosters passion.”

“Passion is another intangible at Cynosure.  The teams I interact with are passionate about their field of expertise and that is motivating.   It is also motivating that the Executive Management team is not only passionate about the business but also passionate about the people that make-up Cynosure.   This is evident when we are encouraged to mingle with fellow employees and management at our summer cookout, annual chili cook-off, end of year gatherings and other events throughout the year.”
Bob Daley PicRobert Daley
Regional Sales Manager

“As part of Cynosure’s team, I am fortunate to work with so many amazing people.  The marketing, sales, service and management groups far exceed industry standards and our products are unmatched by any other competitor.    Our team approach is the reason we continue to be the leader in this space.”


murthy131Shailesh Murthy
Senior Program Manager

“At Cynosure, I found a company with a rare blend of strategic vision, innovation, and operational excellence.  When you combine that with some of the most talented people in the industry, it makes for a highly rewarding and motivating work environment.”



Jess Werth 130Jessica Werth
Senior Recruiter

“As a Senior Recruiter, Cynosure is such an exciting, cutting edge company to represent.  There is nothing more rewarding than building teams that reflect our passionate, fast pace, environment.   We hire extraordinary individuals with exceptionally high standard of performance that embody our company culture.  If you thrive in a team collaborative environment where you can make an impact every day, Cynosure is the place where you can carve your niche.”